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Hundreds of millions of people around the world use remittance services every year. Financial turbulences and problems change the volumes but do not decrease the number of people on the Earth whose lives are vitally dependant on remittances. With the great gap between standards of living in various countries, the demand for these services and their incredible magnitude are on the rise.

In a great number of countries, the vast share in GDPs falls at the money transfers. In those countries the living wage and economic stability totally depend on the money coming to the countries from overseas via remittance systems. These multitudes of countries come to the regions and even continents. Africa and Central Asia, vast number of countries in Asia and Eastern Europe are fragments of the picture.

As one of the international players and regional leader, UNISTREAM fully realize an exceptional humanitarian role the remittance business in whole and big providers particularly play economically and socially.

Our active participation in development of all principal world money transfer corridors as well as diligent work we do to create efficient and transparent remittance market worldwide, made a great contribution to the current state of the money transfer market.

We are very proud about ourselves for doing day-to-day job to make the segment able to carry its incredible humanitarian mission, important for billions on the Earth.

In the light of all this, we see an incredible challenge and joy of helping people help each other.

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